5 Must-Follow Home Designers on Instagram

instagram designersInterior decorating is a visual process. You should have a idea of how your high-end furniture will fit together in your head, but you won't know how it all will fit together without arranging everything and taking pictures. Sometimes it's difficult to even know where to start. That being said, your interior decorating ideas can be improved with a little inspiration from Instagram. 

Popular interior decorators have a HUGE following on social networking sites, and none of those sites are larger than Instagram. For this reason, we've compiled our top 5 favorite home designer Instagram accounts.

1) @amberinteriors

This is the official Instagram account of Amber Interiors, an interior design firm located out of Los Angeles, CA. This account is filled with images of bright and lively rooms, as well as the occasional family picture from Amber Lewis. Her shared pictures contain many various colors, textures, furniture types and styles, and even has some inspirational content mixed in. Follow this account for some great design aesthetics, seasonal decorating ideas, and for Amber's authenticity. 

2) @benjaminvandiver

For modern interior design inspiration, follow Benjamin Diver. This is the official account of Benjamin Vandiver interiors, a NYC and Nashville based design shop. These posts are great for planning the layout of your new apartment or condo with a modern and clean look. The way he utilizes luxury furniture in his images is fantastic. While these posts aren't as popular as the ones from Amber Interiors, his decorating style and modern feel is comparable, and award-winning. 

3) @mrorlandosoria

This Instagram account belongs to Orlando Soria, a homeowner's best friend when it comes to DIY interior design. He's a designer from Homepolish, a design company that meets clients in their homes. Orlando Soria posts images of rooms that can inspire you for the holidays, and his variety of DIY tips will help you save some money on your next big project.

4) @dabito

We included this account because this designer from OldBrandNew.com posts some of the most vibrant colored rooms on Instagram. This New Orleans native shares foliage-friendly spaces with attention-grabbing colors sure to ignite your interior decorating creativity. One of the coolest things about this account is that some of the images are from the account owner's actual home. He incorporates his high-end furniture masterfully with his various plants and artwork.

5) @grantkgibson 

We decided to include this account to feature some abstract designs from Grant Gibson, another award winning designer. His home design features well-lit and well-designed rooms, but it also contains some natural and architectural designs. One of the best things about this account is that he shares adorable pictures of his dog. 

Planning the design of your home doesn't need to be difficult. Take a look at the vast amount of interior decorating and home design images on Instagram, and look for projects that you can become inspired from.

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