5 Must-Have items for a Great Oscars Party

oscars partyOscar season is upon us! It's time to start planning your big Oscars party with all of your friends and family. You don't need a list of celebrities, a big camera, and a red carpet, to throw a great party, but you do need a few things to make sure your big night is a success. We'll highlight the essential furniture pieces that you'll need for your party, and provide you with a few fun Oscars-themed suggestions so you can make sure your party is encompassing the Oscars spirit.

1) Highlight Your Comfy Couch(es) and Chairs

Since your party will center around your TV, it's paramount that you have a comfortable couch or couches. Your guests are expecting it, and with more couches you can fit more people. Modular sofa corner pieces are great for extending the space on your current couches.

Certain pieces of furniture are fantastic for transforming dull spaces into comfortable living areas. For example, this mid-century modern sofa can dress up and glamorize in a Soho loft, or it can dress down a seaside beach cottage. 

It's essential to remember that with couches, you'll need to have coffee tables or end tables for drinks and snacks.

2) Get the Right Table for Snacks, Drinks, and More

Whether it’s a place to rest your cup of champagne, lay down your phone, or to display a vase of flowers, every living room needs a beautiful table or two (or more!). It doesn't matter if they are coffee tables or cocktail tables, end tables, or sofa tables.

End Tables

A small end table can be both functional and stylish. You could have an end table like this modern design or you could have a glass or plastic table that fits your needs. We suggest that you do your best to match your end tables to each other and to your coffee table.

Coffee Tables or Cocktail Tables

Same thing goes for coffee tables; you can look for woodenmetal, or other styles. It's important to keep the size of your couch in mind. You don't want to have a coffee table that's significantly taller than your couch. 

3) Utilize your Luxury Entertainment System

Your electronics should have a space in your home, too. Media storage units make organizing and storing your electronic devices in style is easier than ever before. Look for entertainment systems that are the same color scheme as your furniture. 

For the best Oscar's Themed Party, your entertainment system should be the centerpiece of your room. Something like this TV cabinet can transform your television into more than just a television. It becomes a storage unit, and when your TV isn't in use, you can close the cabinet to hide your devices.

4) Make Your Lighting Accessories Fit the Occasion 

Lighting is essential to the atmosphere of a room, and luxurious lighting brings elegance to any space. What better occasion than an Oscar's party to have luxurious light fixtures?

You should look for trendy chandeliers that can pepper in some elegance to your rooms, like this crystal chandelier or this less expensive one. If you can't find any suitable chandeliers, certain accent lighting pieces can set the mood for your Oscar's party.

5) Utilize the Oscars Theme

Of course, it's not an Oscar's party without participating in certain activities. You'll need Oscars voting ballots, lots of gold colors, fancy snacks, and drinks. If you need help with some inspiration, check out this recepie for Oscar Award look-a-like cookies, or find some fancy party decorations.

Oscars parties are a great way to enjoy one of television's largest award ceremonies. In order to throw the best Oscars themed party, make sure you have all of the luxury furniture you need to get into the right mood to see the world's best actors and actresses.

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