The Breakdown: Bar Stools vs. Counter Stools

Bar stools and counter stools play such an important role in bringing friends and family together in the home. Stools will also play a vital role in the aesthetics of the bar and kitchen as well as the comfort of your guests. Below are a few tips  to consider when considering the design and style of each stool to maximize the style, practicality, and comfort in your kitchen and bar.

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Bar Stools vs. Counter Stools

The major difference between bar stools and counter stools is, of course, height. Bar stools refer to stools that are used at the portion of the table that is at least six inches higher than the rest of the counter, generally at 42 inches rather than 36 inches. For pub tables, heights are typically around 30 inches. The tallest type of bar stool is called a stadium bar stool. Stadium bar stools are the tallest, and are generally used at counters with a 48 inch height. Seat height for stadium bars tools thus ranges anywhere from 34 to 36 inches, and are used for activities that often require extra height.

A few other bar stools to consider are swivel bar stools or stools with adjustable heights. Swivel stools are smart choices because they avoid the tiresome process of having to move heavy chairs in and out depending on how close you want to be to the table. Stools with adjustable heights are an increasingly popular option because not only are they adjustable to each individual’s height, but they also can fit in a variety of different rooms and homes.

Counter stools are meant to be paired with a standard-height counter of 36 inches, and are typically much shorter than bar stools. A standard bar stool ranges between 24 and 26 inches in height.  Before purchasing a stool, think about what the stool will be used for, how you want the stool to look, and, most importantly, how you want friends and family to feel when seated on the stool.

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Stool Style

A few styles are becoming increasingly popular in recent barstool purchases. Whether you’re a traditionalist or are always up with the latest trends, these styles offer something for everyone.


If you’re a type that likes styles that last a lifetime, try picking out a stainless steel barstool as it will match with most colors and designs and is fairly easy to care for. For a more contemporary option, metals like chrome provide a more modern feel.


If you’re a fan of both the simple, country feel as well as the upscale, chic feel, the best option would be to try mixing materials. Combining a stool design with both wood and different metals, such as walnut and chrome, will provide your bar or kitchen with both comforting charm and a comtemporary atmosphere. Any modern kitchen can be effortlessly multi-dimensional.

With the wealth of styles and materials to choose from, the right bar stool will never cease to fit your personal style while keeping your guests comfortable and relaxed.

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