Looking at 2017 Design Trends With UtterMost!

With 2016 nearly over, we're always looking ahead to see what the new year will bring for home interiors and furnishings. While some styles are timeless, others come and go, and if you're in the market for new bedroom sets, living room furniture, art or accessories, it makes sense to see what the latest and greatest ideas will be! When it comes to seeing the future of interiors, we always look to some of our amazing manufacturer partners and see what they are planning! With all the buzz around Uttermost on our site, we look a look at some of their thoughts on general trends for the furniture business in 2017!

uttermost art

Health and Environment

With an added emphasis on creating homes that are healthy and environentally friendly, there is room for the aestietics of the home to reflect that desire as well as the practical elements like appliances and lighting. Your art and furniture has always been an extension of how you view the world and your personal values, and with added emphasis on healthy living and protecting the environment, buying items for your home that evoke and inspire those values is a no-brainer. Connecting to nature is an important aspect of your home life, especially in big cities, and in 2017 you should find art and furniture that helps deepen those values in your home.

uttermost furniture

Sustainable Materials

While your art and furniture can remind your of your connection to nature and health, buying sustainable products is a growing vision for homes and businesses as they plan for 2017. There are more and more regulations pushing manufacturers towards smarter furniture construction, but for the average buyer, the fact is: most reclaimed and sustainable materials looks amazing! For example, the Uttermost coffee table shown above features salvaged lumber and distressed finishes that add a distinguished look to any living room.



With ecommerce helping the world sell products more efficiently around the world, more and more designers have the ability to share their work with a global audience, and manufacturers like Uttermost are taking notice. A global view of interior design gives manufacturers a huge range of styles and ideas to build from, and gives the consumer unlimited options for how they want to design their home. 2017 will continue to see the world open up for furniture design in amazing news ways, as consumers find easier access to a wider range of interesting international options from creative designers.


While we can't be sure about everything coming in 2017, we do know that there will be some exciting new collections from our favorite manufacturers and we can't wait to see how they continue to push home decor to new heights. Uttermost is one of our latest and greatest manufacturers we've highlighted here at Lana Furniture, so make sure you look at their huge selection of art, accessories, rugs, and furniture today!

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