Mid Century Modern Furniture For Every Room!

For over two decades, mid century modern furniture has been enjoying a glorious return to prominence in designer catalogues, showrooms, and homes around the globe. Harkening back to the middle decades of the 20th century, these styles capture the style of the 50s and can make any home or office look like the set of "Mad Men" or your parents or grandparents homes when you were young. Original pieces from the 50s are priceless, while the market has been flooded by cheap knockoffs that don't capture the elegance or reliability of the style. Fortunately a few select brands have taken advantage of modern materials and construction to start building mid century modern pieces that reflect the timeless style at a reasonable price and reliable build. Our mid century modern collections are guaranteed to bring the classic style to your home in a beautiful way!

1. Suburban Chic

mid century modern

This mid century modern collection captures the essence of the timeless 50s home, with beautiful wall art, distinctive furniture, and tables and lamps that bring the whole room together. Leave behind the cheap furniture from the big box stores and step into a new level of elegance that will transform any normal living room into something special, where friends and family can spend quality time enjoying a game night or social gathering. This mid century modern style is both refined and approachable, giving each room rich taste without being too fancy to enjoy.


2. By the Sea

mid century modern furniture

Bought a new home near the ocean? Looking for light furniture that will enjoy the sunlight and brighten up your views? This warm mid century modern take on beach house furniture will let you relax and enjoy the sunset in lounge chairs and couches that are as practical as they are comfortable. With art that accentuates the views instead of competing, your walls will only add to the beauty. No ocean-side home is complete without mid century modern furniture!


3. Soho Industrial

mid century modern furniture

Finally, for the city-dwellers, there's no collection that will serve you better than this Soho Industrial mid century modern look. Turn any space, big or small, into a designer's dream with some simple pieces. Large open chairs, stools, and benches make this collection perfect for maximizing the seating area in your home or apartment so you can throw the big city parties you've always wanted to! Don't waste your beautiful city home by filling it with cheap pieces of furniture!


It's easy to see why people have fallen in love with mid century modern pieces all over again in recent years. But instead of settling for a cheap knockoff or an overpriced original, investing in beautiful new pieces that respect the original design and bring timeless elegance to your home is the right answer! Take a look for yourself and see how mid century modern furniture can upgrade your living space today!

mid century modern


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