Modern Meets Vintage: A Guide to the Best of Both Worlds

I’m a strong believer in mixed century design, as they say that having too much of a specific something is never healthy. Overloading your home with too many antiques may give a heavy, gloomy feeling upon walking into a room, but if you rigorously decorate with furniture that is solely modern then there lays the possibility that it may feel cold, lacking the “homey” feeling we crave after a long day of work. If you’re looking to revamp, details, lighting and placement can be essential to a refreshing update to your home. Being selective with your décor can upgrade your living room without the hassle of switching your furniture set. Little touches are the details that tie your room together. Be inspired and shop now by clicking the images to begin redesigning your personal space. 

Modern Tray

A coffee table is essential in any house or apartment. It helps with the direction of your furniture as it is where most people tend to congregate after dinner or unwind with a drink. No matter the style of your coffee table, it can alternate depending on what you place on top of it. For an effortlessly curated coffee table, place a tray at the center and fill it with two plain but different sized candles, a geometric vase with flowers, and a frame that holds your favorite photo.


Accent Stool Lana FurnitureIf you don’t know how to fill that pesky corner of your house, place a chic and simple Parisian stool or bench that would complement the colors of your room.




ACowhide cowhide rug would perfectly tie the stool in with the rest of the room. Its simplicity is inviting and is versatile with a modern or antique design. The look can be just as much at home in a rustic style as it can a more modern one!




Lana Furniture Vintage Mirror Placing a vintage mirror into modern or contemporary room can curate the design by adding a diversified personality with ease. This creates a gateway for adding more mixed century decorative details without the worry of it feeling out of place. 




Nickel CandleholdersLong candle holders are an essential in every house. They are a modern complement a gothic or antique room without being overbearing or loud. They can be placed on a mantle all year round, as a center piece for a dinner party, or accent the edge of your coffee table.



Globe Butterfly OrbThis long stemmed Global Views Butterfly Orb is the seamless touch to break up the consistency of a bookshelf, adding design value to a practical addition to your house. If you don’t have a bookshelf, consider placing it on an accent table adjacent to stacked or oversized books.



These are just a few of the ideas you can find at Lana Furniture! Shop now and find the perfect look for your home!

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