Spring Cleaning: The Art of Letting Go

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In October I found myself having a long conversation in a coffee shop with a friend as the transition of the seasons made me nostalgic about the warmth of the summer sun. She, on the other hand, had a different approach. “Like the changing and falling leaves of autumn, it’s healthy to let things go,” and that resonated with me on many occasions, and especially now as I prepare to clean out my apartment for our annual spring cleaning donations.

Growing up, our small town spent a week gathering items from our house to place outside. The week after, cars would drive around and pick up items that we felt we no longer needed. I would clutch onto things that I knew no longer served their purpose, for example, the wooden pink children’s table I had in the Family Room. Although I outgrew it, I clutched on to it – maybe it was the memories that surrounded it, maybe it was just the idea of letting go.  Despite my protests, my parents placed it outside and I later watched someone with their child pick it out, put it into their car, and drive away.  Surprisingly I found that feeling to be uplifting and fulfilling because I knew that the table would be put into use again. This motivated me to begin organizing my room; I found an incomparable pleasure to discarding items that I no longer use. It reminded me that you can always change what doesn’t suit you anymore, and you always reinvent your space if you just put the proper energy to it.

Now that the weather is changing, and it's gradually becoming warmer again, everyone is preparing to go through their annual household cleanse. Here are a few tips I’ve learned through spring cleaning which I try to maintain all year ‘round.

Spring Cleaning Lana Furniture


Makeup is always the first thing that gets tossed.  Makeup expires and cultivates bacteria. It’s important not to hold on to it for too long, as it can cause pimples and irritation on your skin. I like to showcase my most used items on a tray in the Powder Room, therefore I don’t go on spending sprees in Sephora thinking I need new makeup, when in fact, I don’t. Moreover, the combination of makeup, moisturizer, and perfume can make for a beautiful display if it is set up properly.


I actually learned this tip from Emily Schuman, one of my favorite bloggers. We all have that dress from 10 years ago that we bought on a whim, but never wore it. Moreover, for whatever reason it is, we cling to it and won’t get rid of it under any circumstance. Emily shared this brilliant idea, when you hang up your clothing, put pink ribbons on the hangers holding the clothing that you don’t wear anymore. If you end up reaching for the items with a ribbon, take the ribbon off. After about a month or two if those items remain untouched, donate them because someone could really benefit from new apparel.


This one is a tricky one because we’ve been taught against throwing out food. The question remains, what if you cook too much of one thing and don’t want to eat it for lunch and dinner for the entire week? Freeze it.  Let the notion be gone that the freezer is meant for proteins, ice cream, and dumplings. If you come home after a long day of work and don’t want to cook something new open your freezer and let your soup defrost on the stovetop. Surely you will stop wasting ingredients and will create more opportunity to meal prep with more variety.   

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Spring Cleaning Lana Furniture


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Spring Cleaning Lana Furniture

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 Spring Cleaning Lana Furniture


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