Creating A Chic Bar Cart For St. Patrick's Day

st patricks dayWhen I think St. Patrick’s Day I reminisce to grade school, where I eagerly looked forward to the green holiday although it didn’t culturally resonate with me.  We scavenged the school’s hallways for gold coins, or the equivalent, chocolate wrapped in a gold tinfoil and celebrated with a sugar high and gossip of who spotted the leprechaun in the parking lot. Fast forward a couple (yes, let’s go with a couple) years, we replaced those gold chocolate coins with a drink and a shifted, more mature conversation. Despite the change in environment, I still find that I look forward to the holiday, except with a sophisticated flare. It gives me an excuse to put my bar cart to use and entertain my guests with creative drinks. I love the idea of having a bar cart in the house as a vintage, chic, and mysterious conversation starter. It’s the perfect detail for any corner, and lets you showcase your bottles instead of storing them somewhere in a cabinet. Not to mention, it gives you an excuse to purchase the more expensive, beautiful looking bottles (not that you need an excuse, anyway.)

In light of the upcoming celebration, here are my tips to creating the perfect bar cart display.


  • There is an overwhelming amount of options in the liquor store, which may make it difficult to choose what you would like to display. For the sake of efficiency, I believe your go to should always be: Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and Tequila as you can make a large assortment of drinks for your guests.
  • Bottle display, liquor advise; Gin: Hendricks (The black, round bottle makes for a beautiful focal point) Vodka: Grey Goose (It is a classy option. A total crowd pleaser) Whiskey: Hudson New York Corn (A modern twist on an otherwise vintage display) Tequila: Patron (The party starter)


  • Although it’s a healthy alternative to soda to have in the house, I advise abstaining from showcasing “Canada Dry” bottles on your cart. The name and bright colors could dull a beautiful presentation. Instead, go for intricate mixers, one’s that take a walk off the beaten path. Consider using, Fever Tree or Q Drinks as an original, quirky alternative.
  • Stock up on vintage bitter bottles with droppers.
  • Rocky’s Gingerbeer is brewed in small batches and is an adorable alternative to Gingerale.
  • Also, you could boil down your own simple syrup (half syrup, half water) and transfer it to a large clear glass bottle, or purchase a beautiful bottle of Monin Cane Sugar.

Tools & Glasses

This is where details really matter. If you have vintage looking glasses, or modern looking glasses it will direct the entire feel of your bar cart. I personally prefer a more vintage look, but then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Regardless, your essentials should be:

  • A tall Collins glass, a short Collins glass, Martini Glasses, Champagne glasses, and red and white wine stems to accommodate all your guests’ preferences.
  • I really like gold mixing tools, but again this depends on your style. Don’t forget to add: A bucket, whiskey stones, a shaker, a jigger, a muddler, a strainer, and a mixing spoon.
  • This adorable bar set would be a great conversation starter. And would definitely compliment a modern or vintage bar cart.Antler Bar Cart Set
  •  A very chic and minimal ice bucket would compliment any drink 
Chic Ice Bucket Bar Cart Blog


  • I really like using large ice cubes. They don’t melt as fast as the little ones and cool your drink much faster. (Plus, they're adorable)
  • I like to keep a display of plastic fruits all year round on my bar cart. They add a touch of vibrancy. When it doubt, I lemon it out.
  • Scavenge your local market for fun details. Maybe canned cherries, or look for olives from Spain or Italy. Details can make all the difference.


If you’re wondering where to begin, shop our bar carts and accessories. This will entertain guests long past St. Patrick’s Day and will give you will be a timeless and classy addition to your home.

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