3 Home Décor Essentials that Reese Witherspoon Can't Live Without

When it comes to the world of home design and interior decorating, we've already listed out the top home designers to follow on Instagram. But what about the people that don't work as designers?

Many people look to celebrities for home decor tips and tricks, and.

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3 Hollywood Home Decor Tips

The best home designers understand that the home decor is all about the details. The colors you use, the amount of light a room gets, and the furniture you use are all smaller pieces in the interior decorating world. Unfortunately, some designers don't dive into.

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mirrors to mirror your home's personality

A mirror can do so much more for our home than act as a simple tool for reflection. Because mirrors can be multi-functional as both practical and decorative, it is important to consider the following factors when buying mirrors for different areas of the house.

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